As a full service export marketing and sales agency Export in Motion is responsible for all elements of successful export market development from strategic planning to sales & marketing through to sales order processing and delivery.

Export in Motion provide a single point account solution for all export sales. You only need to invoice your client and have the goods ready for dispatch. We manage the entire process from making the deal with the client through to delivery.

work efficiently together

The relationships we commit to with agency brands and distributors are long term and transparent. These features are essential to be able to justify the investments being made by all parties, deliver a strategic outcome and work efficiently together. We do not want to simply manage sales but rather take responsibility for the strategic development of the brand and sales within the target export regions.

A Full Service, Single Point Solution

Export in Motion provide a full service solution for export market development encompassing research, strategic planning, marketing and promotions implementation, distributor training and support, sales, credit and logistics management and activity analysis and reporting.

We are different

Export in Motion is a export marketing and export sales agency for brands wanting to expand into the developing regions of Caribbean, Middle East, Europa and Africa.

Whilst most export managers just provide a sales team, Export in Motion offers a new level of service value by providing strategic marketing skills along with senior sales representation. This means we are able to deliver effective brand management as well as critical sales results.

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Why choose us

Accelerate Market Growth

Our senior factory-trained sales team, extensive in-market knowledge and established distribution networks provide an immediate market presence that would take years and significant cost to develop.

Distributor partnerships

We provide distributors with manufacturing-direct access to world-class, proven brands along with extensive sales and marketing support.

Integrated Solution

By providing an integrated export marketing solution and single export sales account Export in Motion streamline and simplify the challenge of export market growth

You can keep your focus

With Export in Motion driving your export sales and marketing you are able to continue to focus on your core business whilst accelerating your new market development.

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